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What is Yabuta Kikai

Yabuta Kikai was founded in 1969 to promote sales of “YABUTA sake mash filter” developed ahead of other competitors by Yabuta Industries. YABUTA filter is now utilized in many fields of high-tech industries and living environment conservation such as food, pharmacy, electrical material, chemical products, water treatment, and so on. Our sales record is over 4000 units in domestic and overseas customers.
From high temperature to low, from high viscosity to low, YABUTA filter shows excellent performance to target materials.


Our company, Yabuta Kikai is recruiting new staff members will support domestic and overseas customers to achieve target through sales of YABUTA filters.
Your place of activity is expanding in many fields such as food, chemical industries, pharmacy, water treatment, and so on.
If you have curiosity and zeal even if you are inexperienced, we firmly support making your dreams come true. Waiting for your application!


2022.05.01We have refreshed company website.
2022.04.04We have concluded agency agreement with Fanli Corporation in Taiwan.
2021.09.01Nobuyasu Yabuta took office as the C.E.O president of Yabuta Kikai Co., Ltd.

Head office

4-3-4, Bingomachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka, 541-0051 Japan
Tel +81-6-6228-4600
Fax +81-6-6228-4611

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